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What are the purposes and classifications of circuit breakers?


Circuit breakers can be divided into two types based on their performance: ordinary circuit breakers and current limiting circuit breakers. Current limiting circuit breakers generally have a contact system with a special structure. When a short circuit current passes through, the contact repels under the action of the electric force and forms an arc in advance. The arc resistance is used to limit the growth of the short circuit current. Current limiting circuit breakers have greater breaking capacity than ordinary circuit breakers and can limit the electric force and thermal effects of the short circuit current on the protected circuit.

When the Residual-current device is used for hierarchical protection, it shall meet the selectivity of upper and lower level actions. Generally, the rated leakage action current of the upper level Residual-current device shall not be less than the rated leakage action current of the lower level Residual-current device, or twice the normal leakage current of the protected line equipment.

Automatic air switch, also known as automatic air circuit breaker, is a very important electrical appliance in low-voltage distribution networks and power traction systems. It integrates control and multiple protection functions. In addition to completing contact and breaking circuits, it can also protect circuits or electrical equipment from short circuits, severe overloads, and undervoltages. It can also be used to infrequently start motors.

In the design of low-voltage distribution systems, the selective coordination between the upper and lower levels of low-voltage circuit breakers must have "selectivity, rapidity, and sensitivity". The selectivity is related to the coordination between the upper and lower levels of low-voltage circuit breakers, and the rapidity and sensitivity are respectively related to the characteristics of the protective device and the operation mode of the line. If the upper and lower levels of circuit breakers cooperate properly, the fault circuit can be selectively cut off, Ensure that other fault-free circuits of the distribution system continue to operate normally, otherwise, it will affect the reliability of the distribution system.

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